What is a Solar Hybrid, Solar & Battery Storage System?

Solar battery storage for homes and businesses is now available and more affordable than you might think with an average payback inside 10 years, that’s a 10% return on investment!

As energy prices continue to escalate and solar feed in tariffs at an all time low more home owners are waking up to the potential savings that a battery storage system can offer. Imagine paying nothing for power day & night!

Put in simple terms, a solar hybrid, solar and battery storage system allows you to use the surplus energy that your solar pv system creates during the day for use after the sun goes down during the night. The surplus solar energy is stored in batteries which are programmed to switch on as required so you can self consume as much free energy as possible.

A grid connected solar and battery storage system will automatically switch over to the electricity grid once you have discharged the solar energy from the batteries. In most cases you can pre-set how much power you want to discharge from the batteries, however it is important to note the more you discharge the batteries each night the less lifespan you will get from them. Around 50 to 60% depth of discharge is not uncommon.

What are the advantages of a Solar hybrid, Solar and Battery Storage systems?

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