We believe the best way for you to make an informed decision on who you choose to supply and install your Solar System is to hear what some of our previous clients have had to say about our solar panel installation service.

...I was very impressed with Stu and Warren and the quality of their service. Have highly recommended your company to several friends.
Derek, Adelaide SA 5000

We couldn't be happier with Adelaide Solar. From the initial design through to the install you and your team were very professional.

Our 4Kw system was installed in a very timely manner with quality components like the 245w REC panels and 4Wk sunnyboy invertor. The system works beautifully and was designed to suit our house as well as the personal needs of our lifestyle, maximising the benefits and giving us excellent value for money.
Steven & Megan
Davoren Park SA 5113

What is a Solar Hybrid, Solar and Battery Storage System?

Battery storage for homes and businesses is now available and more affordable than you might think with an average payback inside 10 years, that's a 10% return on investment!

As energy prices continue to escalate and solar feed in tariffs at an all time low more home owners are waking up to the potential savings that a battery storage system can offer. Imagine paying nothing for power day & night!

Put in simple terms, a solar hybrid, solar and battery storage system allows you to use the surplus energy that your solar pv system creates during the day for use after the sun goes down during the night. The surplus solar energy is stored in batteries which are programmed to switch on as required so you can self consume as much free energy as possible.

A grid connected solar and battery storage system will automatically switch over to the electricity grid once you have discharged the solar energy from the batteries. In most cases you can pre-set how much power you want to discharge from the batteries, however it is important to note the more you discharge the batteries each night the less lifespan you will get from them. Around 50 to 60% depth of discharge is not uncommon.

What are the advantages of a Solar hybrid, Solar and Battery Storage system?

Save Money with the ability to power your home for free day and night. Self consumption of solar energy throughout the day with any surplus being stored in a battery bank for use at night.

24/7 Power - Some solar-hybrid home battery storage systems provide uninterrupted power to your home in a blackout or brownouts. It switches over so quickly, you may not even know the power is out in your street!

Achieving Energy Independence - With a solar-hybrid home battery storage system, you have the option of increasing your battery storage down the track, and disconnecting totally from the grid.

Add to Your Current System - a battery storage system can be added to most existing Solar Power Systems, helping you save even more money.

Product and Quality Innovation - Batteries are getting cheaper and have a longer life. Some have 6000 cycles which equates to a 16 year lifespan!

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