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We believe the best way for you to make an informed decision on who you choose to supply and install your Solar System is to hear what some of our previous clients have had to say about our solar panel installation service.

...I was very impressed with Stu and Warren and the quality of their service. Have highly recommended your company to several friends.
Derek, Adelaide SA 5000

We couldn't be happier with Adelaide Solar. From the initial design through to the install you and your team were very professional.

Our 4Kw system was installed in a very timely manner with quality components like the 245w REC panels and 4Wk sunnyboy invertor. The system works beautifully and was designed to suit our house as well as the personal needs of our lifestyle, maximising the benefits and giving us excellent value for money.
Steven & Megan
Davoren Park SA 5113

Solar Power Systems for Homes in Adelaide, SA

Thinking of investing in home solar panels? Choose Adelaide Solar Systems!


The benefits of getting solar panels for your home are enormous and Adelaide Solar Systems can show you why!

Not only does solar power operate by converting sunlight into DC electricity, but if your home's solar power system is connected to the electricity grid you can also feed any excess energy, resulting in more savings on your power bill.

If you don't have access to electricity via the grid, the excess electricity that your home solar power panels generate can simply be stored in a battery bank for use later. 

Specialising in home solar panels, the expert team at Adelaide Solar Systems can perform excellent installation, ensuring that your home solar system operates at optimum efficiency, giving you the best value for money.

Our solar servicing & repair services is affordable and can keep your system running efficiently

To learn more about our expertise in providing and installing home solar panels for your property in Adelaide, contact us today!

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Home solar power panels – moving Adelaide forward!


Renewable energy is becoming a more and more viable option for everyday Australians, and solar power for homes as a primary energy source is now a realistic alternative.

If you are using more power than your home's solar panels can produce, such as at night, then your power simply comes from the grid. Use your home solar power system to save money when it's available without any risk of being left in the dark.

Start saving on your energy bills by installing efficient and effective solar power panels for your Adelaide home. Get in touch with us or get a free online quote now!

Domestic Projects


installing a solar power system in south australia
Adelaide Solar Systems brining solar power to homes in SA

A typical Solar Panel Installation located on a residential roof.

12* panels on angle frames.

16* 318 Watt modules - Maximum output in limited space (5kW).

10* 225 watt modules (2.25kw) and Solahart 302Kf antifrost system.

Panels can be installed in landscape on a shed roof.

2040 watt pv system (12* 170 watt crystalline modules) with Fronius IG30 inverter.

18* 185w modules (3.33kw).

Panels installed on adjustable frames in the backyard.

16* 238w modules in landscape (3.8kW).

A neat 8 panel install (1.5kW) Click here to request a quote.

solar power panels on a teracotta roof in SA

7 modules on a steep teracotta roof.

14* modules installed avoiding the shade from the gable roof.

a perfect example of solar power installation in south australia

12* modules in landscape offset - a dificult installation done perfectly by our brilliant team of tradesmen.

Smartinverter - The new TL range of SMA German high efficiency inverters.

Delivering the best solar power systems for homes across Adelaide, trust the experts at Adelaide Solar Systems to leave you well and truly impressed!

Call us for more information or request a quote today.

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